Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dare I Hope?

Gods be damned! I can't believe the weird feelings brewing in me. Feelings of optimism, an apparent willingness to engage with people who may not agree with the things I believe. I thought I would be ready to push faces in the dirt while laughing my maniacal Bwah-ha-ha! and yelling, "Take that you-you-conservatives!"

But instead, I have this crazy optimism that maybe John McCain is right. Maybe our shared association as Americans is more important than a victory lap. Maybe now we can really find a common ground that isn't founded on the backs of those who have opposing views.

I tell you, it's crazy. Almost as crazy as the feeling I get when I say, "The president elect of the United States of America is Barack Obama!" I don't know how long this feeling will last, but I have made one decision. Instead of celebrating the end of this regime of terror, I will now concentrate on reveling in anticipation of January 20th. It will be a new chance for America and all her citizens.

Or maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep.