Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Paean to Old Ghosts

For all my brothers out there.

Today I woke up in a mood of sadness and loneliness. Throughout my morning rituals this slowly grew into feelings swinging between apathy and self-pity.

Sometimes I think my brain does these things simply out of boredom.

After an hour of feeling sorry for myself I took stock of my current situation - not a deep personal reflection on my multitude of failures and meager successes, but a quick inventory. Everything from "Am I breathing?" to "Is my car going to start?"

It's never a very long process. Sometimes, simply knowing I can drive my car with the top down can halt the downward spiral of my mood. If not, realizing I have that luxury about 80% more often than MINI Roadster owners in Finland will . Other times this thought of Finland,