Monday, May 12, 2014

Interlude C

I Gots A Tumor

Interlude C
or The Medulla Oblongata capitulum.

Most of you have already read this little tale, especially if you were one of my Facebook "friends" back in June, 2013.

If you want to read the series from the start, you should begin with Part Uno.

For purposes of this post, I feel I should explain that MAK is a good friend who, in addition to being married to the guy who co-found the Church of the Guilt Free Life with yours truly, also happens to be Kansas City (actually Raytown) school nurse.
Dateline: Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Well then, MAK,

Here you go:

I guess it's time for another Brain Box Bulletin, a Cabeza Communiqué, a Noggin Newsletter. Medulla Oblongata capitulum.

I don't really have anything to report, and I guess that is the scary part. It might be gut-check time at the old Harvey Hotel.

You see, I have heard from my neurologist's office; the admin called me up to confirm my appointment on Thursday.

Did you hear what I just said? They confirmed my appointment! Do you think they want me to drive all the way to the 'Cliff just to shoot the breeze? Just to say, "Sorry we made you drive half way across Texas to come talk to us. We just love your witty sense of humor and your effervescent personality. By the way your brain is absolutely fine."

I can hear Dr. Newman (my Brain Doc) now, "How about a round of golf? - On me, of course. I can't have the rest of the gang at the country club thinking I won't treat the most eligible bachelor of North Texas to 18 holes. Then we can fly to Albuquerque for dinner. Nothing beats the carné asada at Pepe's while watching the sun set over Los Barrios."

No, it's time to face the music. And there was so much more I could have done.



MAK (my friend and a KC school nurse):  Jesus!!!

MAK: The neurologist wants your money! !!!

CD (Someone who apparently knows MAK): Mr. Harvey, I have NO idea who you are, but your updates to MA are hilarious and I believe I owe you some wine, tequila or other feel goodie for entertaining me as I have become a stalker because of you that is all, good brain tidings and " fore!!!"

MAK: CD, brother John and BK went to MU together as undergrads. He has ALWAYS entertained me with his writing both prose and poetry. OR whatever you would call it. His wit is unmatched. Jesus, I'm speaking about him as if he was in brain surgery and not expected to come out of it. I am certain this is entertaining to his "sick" sense of humor. Honestly, though, John is a very tender hearted long term friend( of BK's)who I have enjoyed communing with and comiserating also for a while now. It's a shame he won't get the hell out of Texas and move to the progressive Midwest, you know, where we have a bust of Rush Limbaugh under 24 hour guard in the Missouri Legislature.

CD: Gotta love a fellow tiger!!!

Me: awww shucks!

SS: (a local magician I work with):

CAC (one of my closest friends, he currently resides in Austin): It's never too early to start panicking!

Me: AND the appointment is on Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

CAC: Keep an eye out for yellow thingies.

Me: CD: I think I can safely say that is the first time anyone has ever called me a "tiger."

CAC: Not true. There was that night in high school.....

Me: Hey - what happens at Senior Retreat stays at Senior Retreat. Especially for an all boys high school!

CAC: That was a silent retreat as I recall. Silent.

Me: We need to take our show back out on the road, dude!

CAC: Only if I get to wear my elf costume.

Me: I think I nearly had a spew take there.

AHG (My CA cousin): Omg...John you seriously have to be the wittiest of the entire Harvey Clan. You could quit your day job and just write. We are sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for optimum health!!!!

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