Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Very Expensive Machine

I Gots A Tumor

Interlude A
Obscure Facts About john

Most of you have already read this little tale, especially if you were one of my Facebook "friends" back in June, 2013.

If you want to read the series from the start, you should begin with Part Uno.

Dateline: Thursday, July 18, 2013

So, I finally had the MRI, and the verdict is official. I'm sure none of you may want to believe this, but the really big and very expensive machine that goes nnnnn-Bang-Bang takes really good pictures and the simple fact is this - I do have a brain.

So there!

Next Thursday I get the more detailed results of what my brain looks like and whether I need to make more long drives out to the hospital in Oak Cliff. I'll keep you all posted.


CNH (a local nurse and dear friend):  U nut! Let us know if we can help-

THE (a dear friend, my "brother in New York"): Told ya.

MAK (my friend and a KC school nurse):  Thank u for the latest news about your brain and whether the rumors of its presence where true.

CAC (one of my closest friends, he currently resides in Austin):  You'd think with a brain that could blow a gasket any second, they would not subject you to driving to Oak Cliff. Surely someone knows brain stuff in Plano or Richardson, or North Dallas?

KPW (one of Melinda's best friends, and a close friend of mine, despite what she says):  The facts seem a little off...I think you should get a second opinion.

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